Welcome to the UDlink docs!

It's currently in an extremely alpha state, but feel free to use it

There are 2 main ways of using UDlink, the currently recommended method is via the Cloudflare redirect, eg: https://cf.udl.ink/8bitsquid.x

The final goal is to have an embedded version: https://udl.ink/8bitsquid.x, which allows for the underlying hash to be hidden, improving the user experience

The currently supported gateways are:

NFT Storagenfts.udl.ink/domain.tld
Web3 Storagew3s.udl.ink/domain.tld
João Leitão (Individual Gateway)jole.udl.ink/domain.tld

This list was made using gateways supporting origin isolation, as listed at https://ipfs.github.io/public-gateway-checker/